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Adult Leader Awards - Congratulations
31/03/2021 By Web Master

Adult Leader Awards, awarded in March 2021


Congratulations and well done to all our volunteers!


5 year Long Service Award

Adam Cummings (13th Eastleigh)

Alexander Reeve (8th Eastleigh)

Andrew Kayley (8th Eastleigh)

Keren Gething (12th Eastleigh)

Rachel Lloyd (4th Eastleigh)


10 year Long Service Award

Adrian Clark (14th Eastleigh)

Angela Woodford (1st Eastleigh)

Bradley Hill (14th Eastleigh)

Charlotte Lewis (4th Eastleigh)

Colin Thompson (14th Eastleigh)

Helen Thompson (14th Eastleigh)

John Elton (1st Eastleigh)

Phil Harding (4th Eastleigh)


25 year Long Service Award

Sarah Waghorn (12th Easleigh)


30 year Long Service Award

Robert Ball (8th Eastleigh)


50 year Long Service Award

Ian Cole (14th Eastleigh)


The Award of Merit

Robert Ball (8th Eastleigh)

Hannah Shafford (1st Eastleigh)

John Edwards (District)

Neil Abrham (8th Eastleigh)

Peter Rawlinson (RocknRoll)

Phil Harding (4th Eastleigh)

Sharon Clark (14th Eastleigh)


The Bar to the Award of Merit

Sarah Waghorn (12th Eastleigh)


The Silver Acorn

Teresa Jacobs (1st Eastleigh)




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Scout shop reopening in April
16/03/2021 By Web Master

The Scout Shop will be reopening for the sale of uniforms on Saturday 17th April at 1.00pm until 4.00pm

We will continue to serve the District (and others) every Saturday thereafter.

Note only Saturdays for the moment.

Please visit the website for more details: https://www.eastleigh-scouts.org.uk/AboutUs/Scout-Shop

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Help support the success of Eastleigh Scouts!

The role of a District Commissioner is very rewarding and is an opportunity to develop yourself and others. The District Commissioner, or District Commissioner Team, will have the opportunity to meet young people and adults, whose lives have been changed as Scouts, and to inspire and help Scouts Groups grow and deliver even more exciting and adventurous activities to even more young people. This is a flexible role and this role is open to role share within a small team. The format of the team can be decided between its members with some guidance from Headquarters. These roles do not necessarily need to be filled by current adult volunteers.

Please see an infomation pack here.


What next?
If you would like to be considered for the role or know someone that might fulfil the role, please contact county.vacancy@hampshirescouts.org.uk for further information and Nomination/Application form. We would also consider a 'job share/team' nomination or other opportunities to share the role.

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Would they like the chance to attend a truly epic scout camp, becoming a member of the UK Contingent and have the adventure of a lifetime?  


The World Scout Jamboree is a World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM) event, attended by tens of thousands of Scouts from around the world aged 14 to 17. It happens every 4 years, each time hosted by a different country. The next one will be 2023 and will be hosted in Korea.

2023 may feel like a long time away but to become a member of the UK Contingent you need to act soon. Later this year you will be able to apply & attend a weekend camp. Where the Hampshire Scouts will pick a selection of young people to become part of the UK Contingent.  

If you are successful, then the fundraising will begin. This will cover most of the cost to the trip. We ‘Eastleigh Scouts’ are dedicated to support you all the way from start to finish. 


This is open to any young person who would like to attend, everyone has the chance to be able to become part of the UK Contingent.


Register your interest or want to know more drop us an email at: 



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We are proposing the launch of new Scout sections in the YMCA North Stoneham Community Centre as it opens its doors for the first time in June/July. Schedule dependent on release from Covid restrictions and operational face-to-face Scouting permitted.

We need volunteers to make this happen. Please get in touch if you can help:  https://www.eastleigh-scouts.org.uk/Join/AdultVolunteers 

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